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Sofort Überweisung is the German-based internet banking system that's now accepted in thirteen countries across Europe, including the United Kingdom, France, Italy and of course, Germany.

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About Sofort Überweisung

Sofort Überweisung was founded in 2005 in Gauting, which is near Munich, in Germany, under the name Payment Network. The aim of the company was to offer a system and service for the secure purchase of both physical and digital goods over the internet.

Sofort is now owned by the Swedish company Klarna Group who were also formed in 2005, but in Stockholm. The merger between Klarna and Sofort took place in 2014, and the two companies now share a client base of around 35 million consumers and over 50,000 merchants. It's the aim of Klarna to overtake the likes of Neteller, Skrill and PayPal to become the world's most popular online payment system.

Sofort itself still maintains offices in Gauting, plus has other offices in Köln and Wetzlar in Germany, as well as in Brussels, Poznań, Madrid and Vienna. Sofort has also branched out over the years to include Sofort Ident, Sofort Billcode and Sofort Paycode, as well as Sofort Überweisung itself.

For English-speaking countries 'Überweisung' means bank or credit transfer.

Using Sofort Überweisung

Once you open your Sofort Überweisung account you will need to tie it to an existing bank account. You begin this process by submitting your bank's sort code to Sofort Überweisung. Note that you can only use a bank account with Sofort Überweisung if it permits online banking.

If you'd prefer, you can use Sofort Überweisung on a bespoke basis, as you do not need to register with Sofort in order to enact a transaction.

When you need to make a secure payment from your Sofort Überweisung account, you will be presented with an applet where you can log into your bank account. This login information is then sent to your bank in an encrypted form.

You will then be asked to create a confirmation code. Each transaction you make requires a unique confirmation code, so you may never use the same confirmation code twice.

Once the transaction is complete, you will receive a summary of the transfer you have made via a confirmed order from the retailer. All the information about the transfer should be contained on this order.

The purpose of Sofort Überweisung is to act as a buffer between a retailer and your bank account. You do not have to reveal your personal banking details to the retailer, and you do not have to transfer funds to Sofort Überweisung, or maintain a separate account. Funds are transferred via Sofort Überweisung to the merchant or retailer from your bank, but your internet banking details are kept secure.

Your internet banking details are not held by Sofort Überweisung, nor are they recorded whenever you make a transfer using the Sofort site. Your username and password are only ever used via the applet that's created direct to your online-banking enabled account.

Plenty of well-known retailers accept Sofort Überweisung transactions, including Ikea, Nestle and InterSpar. Among the casino brands that accept Sofort Überweisung as a payment method are 888 Casino, Royal Panda, Karamba and Leo Vegas.

Sofort has the proud record of never having a single fraudulent transaction occur via their services, out of a total of over 50 million.


Currently, Sofort Überweisung is only available in the following European countries:

Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The majority of online casinos operate via Europe, mainly in Malta and Gibraltar. This enables them to offer Sofort Überweisung as a potential payment method. You may need to have a Europe-based bank account in order to operate a Sofort Überweisung bank account, as non-European banks may refuse to accept Sofort Überweisung transfers.

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