Online casino affiliate websites

Affiliate marketers exist to advertise online casinos. But what exactly are they and how can they help players?

If you’ve been searching the web for online casinos may have come across websites that appear to be casinos, but do not actually host any games. ‘Affiliate marketing sites’ or ‘affiliates’ make money by promoting online casinos to potential players. In effect, affiliate markets are middlemen between players and casinos.

How affiliation works

Affiliates are not unique to online gambling. You find affiliate marketers working in a number of sectors, including insurance, finance, legal, retail and travel. However, no matter what the industry, the principle of affiliation is the same.

Using the example of online casino affiliation ...

  • Customer.

    The customer is looking for an online casino ...

  • Affiliate.

    They visit an affiliate website, who list lots of casino brands ...

  • Customer.

    The customer clicks on a link on the affiliate website and visits a casino ...

  • Casino.

    The casino pays the affiliate based on the number of players sent and the amount they spend.

How affiliates make money

There are three main models used by affiliates to generate profit from this process …

CPA (Cost Per Activity)

This is when the affiliate receives a flat commission from the merchant based on an action or ‘activity’ of a referred customer. The action might be a registration or a minimum deposit at the merchant (in the gambling industry, this is typically around $25). CPA deals are favoured by affiliates looking to see a quick return on investment.

Revenue share

Under this model, the affiliate receives a cut of any profits the merchant makes from converted customers. The precise rate is variable but is usually between 20-40% in the online gambling industry. Through revenue share, the affiliate can extract lifetime value from a referred customer. However, it may take longer for the affiliate to see a return on investment, and he/she is at the mercy of the merchant’s retention efforts.


As the name suggests, this involves a combination of CPA and revenue share, where some of the affiliate’s profits come from an action and some from shared revenue.

Why do merchants use affiliates?

Affiliation is useful for e-marketing, which is dependent on user traffic and search engine optimisation (SEO). Affiliate marketers are usually well-versed in SEO and can help casinos develop a stronger web presence in return for a cut of their profits.

Spotting an affiliate

It can sometimes be hard to tell casino affiliates apart from casino websites. They usually have similar imagery and employ the same type of language aimed at enticing players to sign up and gamble.

However, there are a few tell-tale differences between casinos and affiliates ...

No Games.

No games

Most obviously, casinos have game catalogues displaying all their products. Affiliate websites do not run any games of their own.

Online brands.

Multiple brands

Affiliates usually market multiple casino brands. If you see a lot of different logos, offers and adverts, you’re most likely on an affiliate site.

Online referal.


Casino affiliates’ main goal is to get you to sign up to one of their casino partners. If you see lots of links saying ‘Sign Up!’ or ‘Play Now!’ then you’re on an affiliate site. Casinos, by contrast, require customers to create accounts in order to gamble.

How can affiliates help me?

In the past, affiliate sites have used underhand tactics to manipulate traffic, stuffed their pages full of ugly adverts and crammed users’ computers with tracking software.

However, many modern casino affiliates are working hard to improve the image of affiliation, focusing on transparency and quality content with real value to players.

Why should I use affiliates?

There are many benefits to using affiliate sites over search engines to locate casinos:

  • Firstly, casinos offer exclusive sign-up deals to their best affiliate networks, resulting extra user-value that cannot be obtained through search.
  • High-quality affiliates also provide resources and products that casinos don’t, including information guides about online gambling, game guides to help you play more confidently and special reward schemes that can get you better value for money. Portals such as the World Casino Directory stretch even further, providing information on international gambling markets and land-based casinos.
  • Affiliates can also be a useful channel for player support. While casinos can sometimes be slow to respond to issues directly from customers, if you go through an affiliate the casino will usually be more willing to co-operate.
  • Finally, trustworthy affiliates provide a useful means of comparing the market, providing lots of information about casinos brands so that users can locate the websites with the best deals and the right products for them.

Spotting bad affiliates

Despite all the improvements to affiliate marketing in the past few years, there are still a few bad apples in the basket. Here are a couple of tips for identifying low-quality affiliate websites:

Too many ads.

Too many ads

Untrustworthy affiliate websites tend to stuff themselves with adverts and banners.

Poor web design.

Poor web design

If it’s clear that the site owners have put no effort into making their website look appealing, you should be sceptical.

Biased casino reviews.

Biased casino reviews

Many affiliates will contain ‘reviews’ of their casino partners. However, if every review seems to be glowingly positive and it’s obvious that the affiliate isn’t being entirely impartial, give them a miss.

Spelling and grammar.

Spelling and grammar

Any website full of typos and grammatical blunders is not a good sign.



You should always be suspicious if your junk box is overflowing with newsletters and other garbage after visiting an affiliate website.

So … is RightCasino an affiliate?

Yes! Although we also like to think of ourselves as a gambling information hub, providing as much useful content as possible to players of all levels of ability and experience.

Our ethos states that good affiliate marketing is all about transparency and an insistence on quality. This will ensure a better future for our industry.