Lives of lottery staff threatened by disgruntled loser

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Lives of lottery staff threatened by disgruntled loser

An American lady upset because of her inability to win the Pennsylvania Lottery is wanted by the authorities.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of 47-year-old Towanda Shields after she repeatedly threatened the lives of lottery staff.

In a press statement, Lower Swatara Township Police Detective Robert Appleby explained that Shields “plays lottery a lot and gets very upset by the fact she doesn’t win.”

Appleby added that Shields is “completely obsessed with the lottery” and her threats became “so relentless it was becoming a concern.”

Indeed, Ms Shields made dozens of threats against staff at the Pennsylvania Lottery’s HQ between April and December of last year. Besides three counts of uttering terroristic threats, she is also facing 25 counts of stalking and 25 counts of harassment.

“She would get really sexually explicit with her insults,” said Detective Appleby with regard to Shields’s phone and voice mail messages.

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