NHS Worker scoops £250,000 from forgotten scratch card

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NHS Worker scoops £250,000 from forgotten scratch card

Lucky Linda Cain scooped a £250,000 jackpot on a scratch card she'd bought two weeks previously, stuffed into one of her handbags and then promptly forgotten all about.

Linda, 59, an NHS breast-screening manager, bought two tickets from her local Tesco one Saturday morning then forgot about them. The handbag lover then got ready to go out a fortnight later and upon placing her mobile phone into her bag, uncovered the forgotten cards. To her delight, she found she had won £250,000 on one of them.

"My dad and I do our grocery shopping every Saturday morning at the local Tesco," said Linda. "I had bought a couple of Scratchcards there two weeks previously but I forgot about them until I was putting my mobile into my handbag and spotted them."

The lucky jackpot winner at first refused to believe her good fortune. She got her father to check the ticket, but still didn't believe him when he said she had won. She waited until her son, Michael, 34, arrived home to triple check the winning ticket.

"I went shopping as usual and scratched them when I got back, after my lunch. At first I thought I hadn't won anything then I revealed the winning diamond symbol. I always scratch my cards from left to right so then I saw the two and the five. I thought I had won £250 not £250,000!"

Linda says she will now retire in August this year, safe in the knowledge that her financial future is secure. She also plans to treat herself to a new car, and take trips to Las Vegas and Latvia, the latter being where her father's side of the family originates from.

The contents of any woman's handbag have always been something of a mystery, but Linda is probably one of the few people in history to find £250,000 waiting for her in hers!

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