Phil Ivey LOSES $12.4 million case against Genting Casinos UK

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Phil Ivey LOSES $12.4 million case against Genting Casinos UK

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Poker Pro and 2008 World Poker Tour champion Phil Ivey has lost his $12.4million case against Genting Casinos UK, after they had withheld the money Ivey won while playing baccarat at their Crockfords casino.

The casino had claimed that Ivey's use of “edge sorting” gave him an unfair edge, and that it was within their rights not to pay out.

Edge sorting is the name for a “technique” where players observe flaws on the backs of playing cards to determine which cards are beneficial to them, and which are not. The British High Court ruled that Ivey's insistence while playing at Crockfords of having beneficial cards rotated a certain way when they were returned to the deck was not a legitimate tactic.

“As I said in court,” said Ivey after the decision had been announced , “It's not in my nature to cheat – and I would never do anything to risk my reputation. I believe that what we did was a legitimate strategy – we did nothing more than exploit Crockfords' failures to take proper steps to protect themselves against a player of my ability.”

Ivey now moves on to defend a similar lawsuit, brought against him by Borgata casino in Atlantic City who are attempting to recover the $9.6million he won there in 2012 playing baccarat while using the same edge sorting technique. Considering the result of the Genting Casinos case it could be said that for Ivey, for once the odds are against him.

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