RightCasino Review Of The Year: Part Three

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RightCasino Review Of The Year: Part Three

March is a month of renewed hope and a sense of better times ahead. So it was a bit of a surprise to discover on the second of the month that Brits were spending the better part of £17 BILLION a year at fixed-odds gaming terminals!

And the shocks continued to stack up as it emerged that the Iranian government were behind the Sands Casino cyber attack. Not only that but the signs that 2015 was going to be a year to forget for Macau continued to mount up.

March also provided gamblers with conflicting advice with one report exposing the infamous 'gambler's fallacy' while another study insisted that poker is far more a game of skill than chance.

Speaking of fortunate so-and-sos, it was hard not to admire/envy the gentleman who won just shy of $13 million at the World Series Baccarat Championship. Still, at least we were all able to laugh at former Friends star Matthew Perry blowing $20,000 on poker in the time it takes most people to drink a cuppa.

And then, just as we’d begun to get the hang of March, it buggered off and April came along with a whole slew of new stories...

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