Vicky Coren Mitchell celebrates historic Euro Poker Tour double win

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Vicky Coren Mitchell celebrates historic Euro Poker Tour double win

Poker polymath Victoria Coren Mitchell, 41, made history on Sunday by becoming the first player ever to win the European Poker Tour twice.

Fending off 556 competitors, including Jordan Westmorland and Giacomo Fundaro, the Only Connect host scored a cash-prize of £391,000 after clobbering Fundaro on home turf at the 98th EPT main event in Sam Remo, Italy.

Coren Mitchell was a 3-to-1 favourite by the time she came to the last table (watch below.)

In the final hand, Fundaro flat-called with AC and AS; the flop came JD, 7S, QC, giving Coren Mitchell the upper hand with two pair.

After Fundaro checked, Coren-Mitchell bet 350,000. When Fundaro raised to 825,000, Coren Mitchell called. The 10S fell on the turn and, once again, Fundaro checked.

Finally, Fundaro went for the double check-raise and pushed all in over Coren Mitchell's 1,000,000 - she called.

All that stood between her and victory was the river: she only had to fade the aces, kings, tens, and sevens to seal the deal.

After a nail-biting instant when Coren-Mitchell appeared to pray for her hand to hold, the 4S on the river was a blank, securing her triumph.

A day for the ages

Coren Mitchell was clearly elated by her victory, tweeting immediately afterwards: "I WON! I bloody WON!!!!!! Sorry for that language on Easter Sunday. But I WON!!!!!! That is at least partly thanks to the amazing support, God bless everyone xxxxxxx."

She took home the prize money, in addition to a £4000 watch, despite entering the tournament as the short-stack.

After winning an EPT event in London in 2006, Coren Mitchell became the first female victor. Now she adds the first two-time winner to her list of accolades.

UPDATE: Since this article was originally published in 2014 Coren Mitchell has scaled back her poker career in order to concentrate on broadcasting and bringing up her daughter, who was born in May 2015. In 2016, though, Coren Mitchell was inducted into the Women in Poker Hall of Fame.

Originally published on 21/04/14. Updated 22/06/17/

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